OK-1 Safety & Ergonomics offers comprehensive lines of traffic safety wear, personal ergonomic products and gear bags. Our products are all designed and manufactured with durability and functionality in mind. We offer industry-leading size ranges and the features that matter most.

Most of our products are available in numerous sizes, and We Do Logos! We also have the ability to do custom manufacturing/private label work.

  • Traffic Safety: including ANSI Class II and III vests, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and rain wear, non-ANSI high visibility wear, and well as Canadian traffic safety wear – over 200 styles
  • Back Supports: elastic, rigid, leather, contoured
  • Kneepads: Gel, hard shell, soft shell, disposable
  • Impact and Anti-Vibration Gloves: a variety of ½ finger and full finger styles, including our top of the line fully washable leather anti-vibe gloves
  • Lifter's Style Gloves: full leather or mesh back, several styles available
  • Specialty Gloves: driver's gloves, mechanic's gloves, high visibility work glove
  • Joint Supports: wrist, elbow, knee, ankle
  • Gear Bags: a variety of gear bags, many with "Firefighter" trim and labeling. General equipment bags, “step-in” boot bags and respirator bags, as well

Included with each back support belt is a pamphlet that serves as a personal reference guide for employees. It contains important information on the proper care of the belts and safe lifting techniques. Printed in both English and Spanish, this brochure outlines the "how-to" of proper fit and wear, lifting, care and cleaning of the product. It also contains special product features and their functions.